Since its founding in 1970, the Hermes USA story has been one of continuous investment in and commitment to, a growing marketplace and customer base. As part of the group of affiliates with activities in North America, Europe, and Asia, Hermes is one of the world's leading suppliers of coated and bonded abrasives.

Originally marketed in North America as far back as 1957, Hermes Abrasives was officially incorporated in October 1970, in Long Island, New York. As significant sales participation levels were achieved, and to further respond to the growing industrial requirements in the United States marketplace, Hermes moved and expanded operations to its present site in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in 1981. The Virginia location now has over 265 full-time employees, complemented by a trained, flexible part-time staff providing service to all customers and distributors of our products.
Domestically, our success hinges on a technically advanced product line sold into all areas of production requirements including metalworking, woodworking, glass, plastics, particleboard and plywood, and related industrial markets. In addition to developing and supplying the demand for Hermes products in the US, the Virginia facility supports North American activities through exports to Canada and Mexico. A commitment to continuous improvement in products, operations, and services is apparent in the cooperative partnership which exists between Hermes Employees, Distributors and Customers.
To further demonstrate our intense desire to be an industry leader, our Manufacturing and Production Operations meet the highest quality standards of ISO 9001. This standard, in place throughout the Hermes Group, provides customers with the confirmation that they have chosen the right abrasive supplier and assurance that our continued dedication to quality will benefit them in future months and years.
We are very appreciative of the customers who have provided us with the opportunity and privilege to serve them over the years. We invite you to now explore how our complete line of coated and bonded abrasive products and programs may prove competitive for the ever changing Industrial Marketplace's requirements.


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Hermes works closely with industrial clients to tailor the abrasive tools exactly to their application and then manufactures them to order. Where immediate availability is essential, Hermes has an extensive network of stocking distributors to ensure rapid solutions with industrial quality products.

Today, Hermes products lead the way in all end-user sectors, e.g. in the steel, automotive, furniture and chipboard industries and also in glass and ski production. Abrasive tools are essential in the production of machines and vehicles; also for household products such as knives, scissors, cutlery, porcelain, furniture and even TV screens.

Hermes maintains a wide variety of products and has always manufactured for customers throughout the world. Today the Group serves the world market with three Maker production factories, ten additional subsidiaries and a selected group of independent distributors and dealers throughout the industrialized world and in developing nations. Industry experts and sales consultants are highly trained to provide first rate advice to customers, with in-depth knowledge of the product range and many years or experience in process coated abrasives design for operations with abrasive tools.

Chelsea Johnn September 10, 2012 at 7:03 AM  

I love all of your abrasives! I have done a ton of projects with them! I really like that I can choose whether I buy the coated or not. It really helps when doing certain projects to have both for different things. Thank you so much!

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